Zika Talking Points

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

  • Since the first reported cases in the Caribbean more than a year ago, there have to date been only seven (7) confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Anguilla.
  • This low number is due in large measure to the great precautions undertaken by both the private and the public sectors in implementing mosquito control measures according to the  guidelines laid out by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • The Anguillian government continues to be proactive in eliminating mosquito breeding sites, with another round of fogging scheduled to take place in advance of the winter season.
  • Hoteliers and villa owners are also going to great lengths to remove standing water, conduct thorough and frequent inspections, and provide guests with mosquito repellant and information to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay in Anguilla. 
  • Anguilla’s tourism industry is also working with their counterparts in the region and in the USA,  e.g.  in Florida which has also been adversely affected by the Zika virus, in seeking and sharing information, and implementing  best practices for vector control.
  • In November 2016 The World Health Organization concluded that Zika no longer presents a public health emergency of international concern.  Nevertheless controlling the spread of the virus remains a national priority for Anguilla’s Ministry of Health.
  • We encourage all our visitors to always take a preventative stance and in this case, prevention includes:
  • Using an insect repellant for insect bites year round.  The hotel has implemented preventative measures and will include mosquito repellant in rooms.
  • Wearing cool, long-sleeved shirts and pants where possible.
  • The Anguillian government and all tourism stakeholders continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis, and will keep guests apprised of any changes in our status.