Your Anguilla IQ

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The answers for April 2011 Newslink Quiz are here!

Did you test yourself?  Are you a belonger?  Is it time for a visit?  See how you fared in our April Newslink Quiz.

Q 1.  Answer B.

Malliouhana is the Arawak name for Anguilla.  Although Anguilla means eel in Spanish, the word Malliouhana means arrowhead.

Q2. Answer A.

The three dolphins on the Anguillian flag represent Endurance, Unity and Strength, three qualities that Anguillians have possessed that have helped them to survive on their island throughout history.

Q3.  Answer B.

There are no jetskis on Anguilla.  Kitesurfing, windsurfing’s wild cousin, is becoming more and more popular as we have steady tradewinds that most wind followers can count on.

Although there is not usually surf on Anguilla, we have been known to have our break kick up from time to time.  Junks Hole and a place surfers call Dolphin Point (the western edge of Mead’s Bay) have been known to bring in some surf-able swell from time to time.

Q4.  Answer A.

Kiniyah is one of our island’s  known reggae artists.  He can sometimes be found singing at Straw Hat or The Pumphouse.  Kiniyah also is known for his choice in hats, donning for years a hard hat, he has switched it up these days to a standard postal pith helmet.

Q5.  Answer B

Koal Keel is used for cooking.  The original rock ovens still remain throughout the island, and if you would like to try rock oven chicken, you can order it at Koal Keel Restaurant in The Old Valley.  Advance notice is required.