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Your Anguilla IQ

Posted on by admin

The answers for April 2011 Newslink Quiz are here!

Did you test yourself?  Are you a belonger?  Is it time for a visit?  See how you fared in our April Newslink Quiz.

Q 1.  Answer B.

Malliouhana is the Arawak name for Anguilla.  Although Anguilla means eel in Spanish, the word Malliouhana means arrowhead.

Q2. Answer A.

The three dolphins on the Anguillian flag represent Endurance, Unity and Strength, three qualities that Anguillians have possessed that have helped them to survive on their island throughout history.

Q3.  Answer B.

There are no jetskis on Anguilla.  Kitesurfing, windsurfing’s wild cousin, is becoming more and more popular as we have steady tradewinds that most wind followers can count on.

Although there is not usually surf on Anguilla, we have been known to have our break kick up from time to time.  Junks Hole and a place surfers call Dolphin Point (the western edge of Mead’s Bay) have been known to bring in some surf-able swell from time to time.

Q4.  Answer A.

Kiniyah is one of our island’s  known reggae artists.  He can sometimes be found singing at Straw Hat or The Pumphouse.  Kiniyah also is known for his choice in hats, donning for years a hard hat, he has switched it up these days to a standard postal pith helmet.

Q5.  Answer B

Koal Keel is used for cooking.  The original rock ovens still remain throughout the island, and if you would like to try rock oven chicken, you can order it at Koal Keel Restaurant in The Old Valley.  Advance notice is required.

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Celebrities Join Visiting Golfers for the 1st Ruben Brown Golf Classic

Posted on by admin

Anguilla’s 18-hole Greg Norman Championship Golf Course welcomes it first celebrity golf tournament to be held April 7h – 11th. The Rueben Brown Golf Classic will benefit the building of the Anguilla Youth Sports Complex.

“I am so excited for the Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic. We have a great island, great weather, great people and a chance to do something really special. The island and the people of Anguilla have been nothing but welcoming with open arms. I am happy that I can do my part to give back to a wonderful community. I’m thrilled that I will be able to bring so many friends and so much attention to an island as beautiful as Anguilla,” says Ruben Brown.

Celebrity attendees supporting the event include athletes from the NFL, MLB and NBA, as well as a few notable actors and authors. To find out more visit the Ruben Brown Classic homepage.

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John Mayer Joins In at Moonsplash 2011

Posted on by admin

Anguilla’s International Moonspash Reggae Festival has had its share of international celebrity guests both on stage and in the audience, and this year was no different.  On opening night, Friday, March 18th, singer/songwriter John Mayer popped up on The Dune Preserve’s stage to sing “Ain’t No Sunshine,” with Anguilla’s own Bankie Banx.  Mayer was vacationing on island at the CuisinArt Resort and Spa right next door to the festival.

Photo courtesy of William Boyd

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Anguilla Treasure Hunt Winner Announced

Posted on by admin

The Anguilla Treasure Hunt has a winner: Kristen Trudgeon of Manhattan!  Congratulations Kristen, we look forward to seeing you down on our beautiful island.

For those who did not win this time around, sign up for our Newslink!  Super sales, news, events and more fun is to be had.  Find out first at our Anguilla Tourist Board on-line home.

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Bachelor Vacation Packages

Posted on by admin

Vacation packages and itineraries based on  ABC’s “The Bachelor” program, featured this past week in Anguilla, are currently available through the US Anguilla Tourist Board office.  Call 1-877-4-ANGUILLA.

Download our packages

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Champion of Champion Boat Race

Posted on by admin

The Champion of Champion Boat Race and the conclusion of Summer Festival.

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Follow ABC’s Bachelor, Brad Womack

Posted on by admin

Follow Brad’s romantic Anguilla itinerary and cast your vote for the spot that would win your heart!  See the romantic island of Anguilla with ABC’s newest Bachelor, Brad Womack. As featured on the show, Brad’s itinerary takes you through a number of island dates that set the mood for love. From the glamor and excitement of a helicopter ride to Sandy Island, to the simple and sweet bicycle ride through The Old Valley, there is something for every heart.

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VIP Newslink is open!

Posted on by admin

Anguilla is a special place.  Our VIP Newslink is designed to provide our fans (and thank you for being a fan) with special news, fun facts, deals, things to bring a little Anguilla into your life at home.

This is an aspect of Anguilla’s tourism efforts that we intend to grow.  We know you can not always get here, so we are here to bring Anguilla into your home – call it an outreach program.

In addition, we are going to help you get here when we can.  Last minute airfares sales, Q&A’s, best planning…we know you love us, so we are giving it back.

See our Social Media mission as well.

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Anguilla Tourist Board embarks on a new web initiative

Posted on by admin

Anguilla Tourist Board is embarking on a new web initiative.  This is an exciting marketing effort will ready us for the new frontier in marketing that is fast approaching, where the brand and consumer relationship is paramount and communication is direct.  This initiative is in addendum to the current programs already in place.

Through these web efforts we will ready Anguilla for the next wave of communication technology — the 3rd screen.  

This new initiative will provide support to and include metrics and measurements on all of our global market activity — making our efforts smarter by way of measurements, more cost effective through digital dissemination and with highly targeted reach.

Its a new day, a new dawn…hey, were feeling good.

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February 4, 2011

Posted on by admin

This February there are a number of exciting things happening at the Anguilla Tourist Board. We have launched our new website and online home for Anguilla information. The site has been designed for greater dialogue between our friends abroad and at home, real time updates including destination news such as specials and events will be posted, and we are implementing new features everyday to help our friends keep up with all of the changes and happenings on our island.

Sign up for the VIP Newslink to receive interactive inside information on travel, news, the island and last-minute specials.

February 8th, Brad Womack, ABC’s handsome bachelor, will be taking a trip to our romantic island. Tune in to The Bachelor on Monday, 8pm/7c, to find out where he is going to be – then cast your vote on our website for the most romantic spot to take your date in Anguilla.

Late in February, the Anguilla Tourist Board, along with a number of our hoteliers, will be traveling to New York City for the NY Times Travel Trade Show at the Jacob Javits Center. This colossal show welcomes over 24,000 potential travelers through its doors, and the Anguilla Tourist Board will be there with new interactive games and giveaways to help introduce anyone looking for the Anguilla experience.

Finally, be on the lookout for March specials and Moonsplash 2011 deals. Our annual international reggae festival at The Dune is a favorite among travelers.

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