Anguilla is known for this tier of properties that offer the luxury of uniqueness, intimacy, and warm hospitality.


Getting Married

Couples looking to get married on the island can choose from an array of historic churches, secluded off-shore cays, lush resort gardens, luxurious seaside villas or even private yachts on which to tie the knot. Many resorts offer customized arrangements and special packages. We also have experienced wedding planners who will design and create a memorable, one of a kind wedding that reflects the couples’ traditions, personality and wishes.


Getting Married in Anguilla: Regulations

  • Couples wishing to marry on the island should obtain a Marriage License from the Judicial Department, open weekdays between 8:30am and 2:30pm. The cost is US$280.86.
  • Both parties must present proof of identity (valid passport, birth certificate etc).
  • If divorced, the original decree must be presented. If documents are not in English, a certified translation along with the original certificate in the foreign language must be presented.
  • Two witnesses must be present during the wedding ceremony.
  • If a spouse from a previous marriage is deceased, the original death certificate must be presented and a certified copy in English.
  • If parties are under the age of 18, consent must be presented..
  • A 48-hour residence period is also required for both parties.

Additional requirements for a wedding in a Catholic church:

  • Confirmation papers
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Freedom to Marry papers
  • Pre Cana course
  • 3-6 months advance notice

Your Honeymoon

With its exclusive resorts, fine dining and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean stretching the length of its 35-mile coastline, the uncrowded, unspoiled island of Anguilla is the ideal destination for romance.

Beautiful hotels and villas, discreet staffers, candlelit dining, couples spa treatments, exotic locations, all add up to tropical bliss for folks in love.