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There’s nothing better than a week in paradise, you’ll be able to probe deeper into the island diverse offerings while interacting with the warm personalities of the people.

It is recommended to rent a car, or engage the services of one of our knowledgeable Taxi Operators to execute this itinerary. Be sure to always walk with your beach wear, towel and snorkeling gear as you will always be enticed to jump right in.

Type: Family Fun

Duration: 4 Days

Welcome to Anguilla

  • Arrival into Anguilla

    Welcome family! It’s time to relax and unwind in the hospitality suite of your accommodation. While you’re there, enjoy a welcome cocktail and some refreshments.

  • Dinner

    Your first dinner is an ideal time for your family to officially kick off this wonderful experience. On Anguilla, we have many dining options, so be sure to choose one that compliments your family style, as well as one that meets everyone’s cuisine preferences.

  • Breakfast

    The best way to start your first full day on Anguilla is with a filling family breakfast. So enjoy the beautiful views while you savour breakfast on your patio, or join the crowd for some lively morning conversation.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride

    Have you ever seen a triggerfish, a greenback turtle, or live giant coral in person? You can now, as you set out on a glass bottom boat to witness sea life in its natural state. And no boat ride would be complete without a shady canopy and chilled soft drinks.

  • Lunch

    Stop by one of Anguilla’s beachside restaurants for a laidback lunch while you groove to the local sounds of Caribbean reggae music.

  • Family Snorkel

    It’s time to set out on an unforgettable snorkel in the crystal blue waters off our coast. It’s one of the best ways to experience the breathtaking Caribbean and the easiest way to get lost in the beauty of the sea.

  • Horse Back Riding

    Saddle up! There’s truly nothing better than the wind in your face as you and your horse trael across Anguilla’s beautiful powder-white beaches flanked by mesmerizing turquoise waters.

  • Dinner

    It’s time to indulge in Anguilla’s local eateries once again. This time, seek out eclectic cuisine prepared by Anguilla’s
    master chefs

  • Breakfast

    This morning, enjoy a sunrise selection of breakfast options served to you and your loved ones on your patio.

  • Family Time

    Pause for some family time within the common area of your property. Or head to the pool or beach and spend some quality time away from your accommodations. Once there, enjoy recreational outdoor activities such as tennis, basketball or volleyball.

  • Lunch at a Beach Shack

    Soak up the views of our turquoise waters and white sandy beaches while you savour Anguilla’s grilled cuisine and enjoy the sounds of local reggae artists in the background.

  • Beach Activities and Water Sports

    Catch the sunset, catch some fun! Experience the beautiful sunset all while relaxing and enjoying the evening sea breeze with a cocktail in hand. And be sure to bring your camera so you’ll be able to capture the breathtaking views of the sky and ocean as the sun sets over the horizon.

  • Private Family Dinner

    Tonight is a great time to enjoy a private meal with your loved ones. So, opt out of the high-traffic eateries and find a quiet place to call your own.

  • Breakfast

    Get an early start with a family breakfast at one of the many breakfast spots where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a pastry. And though we don’t want you to leave, be sure to pack up your things before you go.

  • Lunch

    We want your last lunch on Anguilla to be something you’ll remember. So, think about grabbing a meal you enjoyed eating while you were here. It’ll give you that perfect amount of energy for your trip back home.

  • Leaving Anguilla

    We’re so pleased you chose to bring your family to Anguilla. We hope you had an amazing stay and you return soon!