Driving in Anguilla is on the left. Bikes are available from most hotels and from a number of outfitters.


Lay of the land

Anguilla is approximately 16 miles long, from the East End to the West End, and 3 miles at its widest point. Anguilla’s main artery runs through the center of the island. You can drive from one end of the island to the other in approximately forty-five minutes, but you will want to take your time, to experience the island’s many beaches, restaurants, attractions and more. Driving is on the left, and don’t be surprised if you hear someone honk — it’s just a friendly way of saying “hello” on the island.

Rent a car

Chances are, you’ll want a car, and there are several car rental companies to choose from. To rent a car you’ll need a valid driver’s license and US$25 to purchase a temporary Anguillian driver’s license which is valid for three months. Day trippers can purchase a three day temporary Anguillian driver’s license for US$15, these licences are provided through the local car rental companies.


Taxis are also widely available, and many visitors make an arrangement with a local taxi driver for all their transportation needs during their stay on island. Taxi rates are fixed, and there is a published rate guide showing the established fares for travel across the island. Some taxi drivers also offer island tours, along with an entertaining and knowledgeable commentary that conveys their love for their island home and pride in sharing it with visitors.


ATVs and road bikes are two more popular options for getting around the island, as they allow access to beautiful, off the beaten path spots, away from the public thoroughfares. Anguilla is a coral and limestone island, and the topography is mostly flat, making it easy and enjoyable for bike riders of all levels.