Tour operators indicate the destinations that will surprise this year

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Under-explored natural paradises, luxury itinerary for couples and experience & exploring oriented tourism: some destinations will receive an increasing number of visitors in 2017.

A lot of them has been targeted by travel trade for a while, but a few issues, such as hard access, lack of structure and unaffordable prices, didn’t let them move towards their potential. This year, though, due to investments in hospitality industry, new routes and the increasing interest of travelers that are seeking new exotic and beautiful places to discover, these destinations tend to grow, rising between the most desired places.

One of the main reasons that represents this “migration” to new destinations is the economic crisis and the recent dollar high [Brazilian economy perspective]: shopping tourism is one of the most affected one due to the American currency rate, as domestic trips and experience tourism have noted some improvement; according to CVC (Brazilian operator and agency), Miami fell from 4th to 9th position in 2016, regarding Brazilian visitors.

According to the operator, last year sales closed with 70% of domestic flights and 30% of international trips. Regardless this scenario, international packages sales increased 20%, in comparison with 2015, which proves that Brazilians still want to travel, as they are getting used to look for affordable destinations.

After listening to the main operators of the Brazilian Travel Trade, we listed eight main places that deserve better attention this year. Also, these destinations must be consolidated as the most visited ones all through 2017. The List: Cuba, Jericoacoara (Ceará / Brazil), São Miguel dos Milagres (Alagoas / Brazil), Canada, Cartagena (Colombia), Região do Conde (Paraíba / Brazil), Thailand and Anguilla.


This selected destination is an island in the Caribbean region: Anguilla, a British territory, is one of the main targets of Tereza Perez Tours (luxury tour operator) for 2017, and also a place with beautiful beaches and sunny weather the whole year. 

According to Tomas Perez, the island stands out for the excellent diversity of hotels, which was reinforced with the opening of the Four Seasons at the end of 2016, and is an ideal destination “for families and honeymoon couples, with activities and a great gastronomic scene. “

Author: Leonardo Ramos (Panrotas) | Translation: Interamerican Network

Outlet: Panrotas (Brazil)