For the sole sojourner, Anguilla is an excellent island for relaxation, exploration and time to yourself.  It is easy to make friends on Anguilla, so even if you are alone, you don’t have to be lonely.

Apartments and guesthouses are often a comfortable and less expensive choice if you are coming to Anguilla for a long-stay.  But if the purpose of your vacation is a short-trip for some “me time,” you may as well indulge yourself in one of our luxury accommodations.

Single travelers typically find their way to Sandy Ground at some point.  The Pumphouse and Ripples are excellent venues for meeting a variety of people, chatting about the island and today’s current events and dancing.  Having a traveling companion with you is not a necessary component for a good time on Anguilla.  If you want company, there is always a friend available, and if you want your solitude, that is fine too.

Anguilla’s open beaches and blue horizons lend a welcome warmth and deep breath of freedom to the individual.

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The Temenos Golf Course is an excellent way to spend a day on Anguilla. Pick up a game, or pick up your stroke with a lesson from one of the Pros!