Anguilla’s shopping is as eclectic as its cuisine. From couture to cultural, artisanal to international, casual beach to modern chic, an array of unique treasures can be found while shopping in Anguilla.

The range of products available include fine jewelry, gourmet foods and spirits, designer beachwear, elegant resort wear, and more. In the beginning, there were only a very few souvenir shops, supplemented by the art galleries that pepper the island, but as our luxury tourism has grown, so too has the demand for diversity and sophisticated shopping options.

In addition to shopping for fun – retail therapy is just as important as spa therapy! Anguilla has a number of stores for your daily necessities, including sunscreen, tanning lotions, groceries, cigars, and more.

Cash sales are preferred, and U.S. dollars are widely accepted. Some locations will also offer credit and debit card services upon presentation of a photo ID. A great service that is also available from some stores is the ability to ship your purchases home – all the fun of the purchase; none of the hassle of transportation!