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“Along with astonishing beaches – there are more than thirty of them — Anguilla now has equally astonishing new resorts and an energized restaurant scene…They’re the swank club in the Caribbean with no sign on the door: If you didn’t know it was there, you’d just sail on by.” — Food & Wine

If Anguilla’s beaches are the most enviable feature of our island, then our world-class restaurants come in a close second.  The island has an award-winning dining scene that offers discerning travelers international sophistication, elegance and creative cuisine that fuses the fresh local flavors from our land and sea with elegant imports.  The artistry of our chefs, both Anguillian and from abroad, is unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean.

Anguilla’s brand of casual-chic infuses the entire island experience; however, it is particularly evident in our top restaurants.  A-listers and celebrities are at home and comfortable with our island style of elegance and glamour — one that is free from the restraints of neckties, jackets, high heels, and “who’s who”.  Everyone is everyone on Anguilla because if you are here, you are already part of something.

Foodies and wine connoisseurs rejoice at Anguilla’s amazing selections.  In addition to the culinary arts, we boast two of the region’s largest wine cellars at Malliouhana Restaurant and Koal Keel Restaurant.  Malliouhana, winner of Wine Spectator’s Grande Award, houses more than 25,000 bottles of wine, and Koal Keels cellar, Le Dome, holds more than 35,000 bottles.

A large part of Anguilla’s appeal is the food experience.  First-class in a way that is unseen throughout the region, from fusion to traditional, to service that bends to suit, chic in a way that is welcoming and inclusive — Anguilla’s restaurants are attractions in and of themselves.

For a comprehensive guide to Anguilla’s restaurants visit The Gourmet Guide at Skyviews.

Casual Dining

Your Anguilla vacation is more than an evening out — it is an experience, and one of the best ways to experience Anguilla life is through our many casual restaurants and local spots.  Popular with locals and visitors alike, Anguilla’s casual dining experiences offer excellent food and an opportunity to get into the culture.  A secret among those who know the island, many of Anguilla’s top chefs also have their own independent enterprises — offering top notch cooking techniques usually served with a side of local flavour.

Take advantage of all of Anguilla’s restaurants without hesitation.  The island holds itself to a higher standard of excellence when it comes to dining and food — so you know it is always going to be a treat.

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Anguilla is an anomaly in the Caribbean, with eclectic cuisine that truly rivals the world-class restaurants of our international metropolitans. Satiate your chic side -- dinner out is elegant and Anguillian in style.