A passport valid beyond your departure date and return and onward tickets are required for all visitors to Anguilla.

Green cards

US Green card holders must have a valid green card and a valid passport from their country of origin. In some cases, visas are still required for entry into Anguilla.


Visas or Direct Airside Transit Visas to enter Anguilla are required by Nationals of the countries listed


For information on the visa application process from your respective country visit this website.


Customs & Immigration

All persons traveling to and from Anguilla must clear Customs & Immigration at either the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal or at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. Persons traveling by private boat must contact and clear Customs & Immigration at Sandy Ground.


Bring your pet

Anguilla is pet-friendly, so there is no reason to leave Fido at home..

Visitors interested in bringing their pet along for the vacation need to contact the Agricultural Department at (264) 497-2615 or email agriculture@gov.ai for a pet importation form.

The information required by the Agricultural Ministry of Anguilla can be found here at this website.