Anguilla is just 16 miles long and 3 miles wide.  A single main road runs through the center of the island connecting Anguilla from end-to-end.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to travel the entire island length.  Small feeder roads connect the bays, coves, villages and points of interest to this conduit.

Driving is on the left, but most rental cars have steering wheels on the left-hand side.  The speed limit is 30 mph.

Renting a car is an excellent way to ensure that you can explore…check out our many beaches, restaurants, art galleries and villages.  Don’t be surprised if you hear someone honk – it is just a friendly way of saying “hello” on the road.  Chances are, your waiter, hotelier or shopkeeper recognized you!

To rent a car, you’ll need your valid driver’s license from your resident country and US$20 or EC$53.60 to purchase a temporary Anguilla driver’s license (available through most car rental agencies).  Most hotels will assist you with renting your vehicle.

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Honk if you love Anguilla! Visitors are often honked at by their new Anguillian friends. Don't worry, it doesn't mean speed up, it is just a way of saying "hello" on the road.