CNN Ranks The Dune Preserve #1

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CNN recently ranked Anguilla beach bar, “The Dune Preserve” No. 1 in its top 50 beach bars in the world, beating out worthy competitors from as far and wide as Australia to the Cook Islands!  Congratulations Bankie Banx, The Dune Preserve has always been No. 1 in our hearts.

Read the article full article on CNN website.

“Pieced together from driftwood, wrecked racing boats and seashells and owned by a gray-bearded, grizzly reggae singer, the Dune Preserve Beach Bar is the kind of place you dream of discovering on your first trip to the Caribbean.
And once you have, you dream of staying there forever, to revel in your addiction to jumpin’ reggae tracks and dripping ribs, and to argue politics, philosophy and the ingredients for the perfect rum punch with Bankie, the owner, who can be found at the bar often.

It counts ex-presidents, former pirates and Wall Street bigwigs among its fans, but don’t let them distract you from the real reason this place is the best beach bar in the world –- the amazingly affable Bankie Banx and his cohort, who seem to talk in musical lyrics and will teach you not just how to build a boat, but how to build a lifestyle few would turn down.

It’s a daytime place open 11 a.m. till sunset.
The Dune Preserve, The Valley, Anguilla, BWI, Anguilla B.W.I”

exerpt taken from CNN Global Experiences, “World’s 50 Best Beach Bars,” by Athena Gerrie, Sept 23, 2011

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