Anguilla has 33 spectacular and diverse beaches, including several classed as top ten in the world and the very best in the Caribbean.

While they all have silky white sand, their personalities differ. Discover heart-stoppingly lovely arcs like Mead’s Bay, or secluded coves like Little Bay, reachable only by boat.

In Anguilla, water temperatures range between 70ºF and 80ºF, perfect for swimming. Most Anguillian beaches are placid and calm with gentle shoals. Occasionally, the Atlantic side of the island produces surf during the winter months. Although surfers can’t be guaranteed waves, wind and kite surfers can enjoy the weather conditions in Anguilla year round.

Whether you choose between Shoal Bay, Maunday’s Bay, Rendezvous Bay or any of Anguilla’s 33 beaches, our island offers a perfect beach for every visitor. Anguilla is the answer to perfect beach wanderlust.

First Time Visitors Note:

  • All beaches in Anguilla are publicly accessible, and parking is never an issue, so you can easily explore and experience them.