Anguilla: travel guide with tips in the new Caribbean hot spot

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The island is the destination of the time for travelers and adventurers in search of untouched experiences and paradises

03/02/2017 | BY JORGE GRIMBERG


Anguilla is a destination to relax. Opposite the hustle and bustle of St. Barth, the feeling that the island is going through is to be on vacation, surrounded by pristine nature and friendly people.

The island is now a haven for celebrities and famous anonymous people, who found on the island a paradise without labels and the familiar faces of destinations that are summer fashion. You can meet with Meryl Streep at the grocery store or Ethan Hawk having lunch at one of the local beach bars. Justin Timberlake is an easy figure on the beach Shoal Bay , voted one of the five most beautiful in the world , and Uma Thurman has already declared his love for the beach of Dune Preserve.


Shoal Bay

The service in Anguilla appreciates the description of its guests and the establishments avoid as much paparazzi entry , preserving the status of untouchable paradise.


Dune Preserve

The ambassador of the island to us Brazilians is Jordana Gheller. The founder of Conexão Destinos, travels the world with her boyfriend Apollon Delamotte, French natural of St. Barth, in search of unknown paradises, creating connections to welcome the tourists who seek exclusivity and novelty.


Jordana Gheller

“Anguilla is a destination to relax in. The feeling that the island is going through is to be on a vacation, surrounded by tranquil places and friendly people, choose one of the hotels or villas, enjoy the almost deserted blue beaches and relax,” recommends Jordana .


Apollon Delamotte

“There’s a lot to choose from,” said Apollon. “The amount of delicious local restaurants on such a small island is significant.


Get ready for your next vacation with Jordana’s exclusive Casa Vogue tips:

1. Stay at Zemi Beach House and Resort , the only luxury hotel in Shoal Bay, voted one of the five most beautiful beach in the world. Opt for the foot suite on the sand, from the bed to the ocean! Detail: Zemi was elected by Vogue America one of the most disputed spots in the world in 2016.

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews


2. Have lunch on the private island Sandy Island, also known as ‘Happy Island’, with boat access only. A rustic island, where everyone is smiling, walk barefoot and serve grilled crayfish on charcoal, accompanied by rum punch.


3. Dine at the Jacala restaurant, Martha Stewart’s favorite. Imagine a French chef proposing a sensory gastronomy on a Caribbean island. The result: dishes such as tuna carpaccio with sesame oil, goat cheese terrine and vegetables from the garden, yogurt soup with cucumber, and dessert a slice of divine rum.

4. Visit the Dune Preserve bar Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon to watch a pocket show of the owner, star Bankie Banx.

5. For lovers of well-being, the island houses a model hydroponic garden, with vegetables and vegetables grown without any chemistry. The vegetable garden is inside the CuisinArt Hotel and it is possible to visit it on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am.

Rendesvous Bay Beach

Rendesvous Bay Beach

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

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