Anguilla comes by its tranquility quite naturally.  The hypnotic breezes, warm sun and gentle lull of the surf bond the human spirit to the island.

Since the time of the Arawak Indians, a soul connection has been found on Anguilla.  In ancient times the Indians believed the sun and moon went into a cave on Anguilla and gave birth to the stars, moon, sun, sea and universe.  Once you visit our island, you can certainly understand the Indians’ belief.

Today, Anguilla is largely a Christian community with nearly one church for each square mile of the island.  Giving thanks for all that is Anguilla life is very much a part of the culture and the community.  We invite people of all denominations to come to Anguilla and express their soul, religion and connection to God here.

Anguilla welcomes religious and spiritual groups and retreats of all loving kinds.  Whether you are visiting and wanting to attend church with us, or whether you have a group that is looking for a venue that lends to spiritual reawakening, Anguilla welcomes you.

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For more information or to plan a retreat, please contact one of Anguilla’s professional destination management companies:

Destination Management Companies

Blue Sea Anguilla
Tel. 1 (264) 235-2583


Luxe Destination
Tel. 1 (264) 729-3907

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Since the ancient times of the Arawaks, Anguilla has been an island of spirituality, a place where the soul experiences true freedom.