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Anguilla: travel guide with tips in the new Caribbean hot spot

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

The island is the destination of the time for travelers and adventurers in search of untouched experiences and paradises

03/02/2017 | BY JORGE GRIMBERG


Anguilla is a destination to relax. Opposite the hustle and bustle of St. Barth, the feeling that the island is going through is to be on vacation, surrounded by pristine nature and friendly people.

The island is now a haven for celebrities and famous anonymous people, who found on the island a paradise without labels and the familiar faces of destinations that are summer fashion. You can meet with Meryl Streep at the grocery store or Ethan Hawk having lunch at one of the local beach bars. Justin Timberlake is an easy figure on the beach Shoal Bay , voted one of the five most beautiful in the world , and Uma Thurman has already declared his love for the beach of Dune Preserve.


Shoal Bay

The service in Anguilla appreciates the description of its guests and the establishments avoid as much paparazzi entry , preserving the status of untouchable paradise.


Dune Preserve

The ambassador of the island to us Brazilians is Jordana Gheller. The founder of Conexão Destinos, travels the world with her boyfriend Apollon Delamotte, French natural of St. Barth, in search of unknown paradises, creating connections to welcome the tourists who seek exclusivity and novelty.


Jordana Gheller

“Anguilla is a destination to relax in. The feeling that the island is going through is to be on a vacation, surrounded by tranquil places and friendly people, choose one of the hotels or villas, enjoy the almost deserted blue beaches and relax,” recommends Jordana .


Apollon Delamotte

“There’s a lot to choose from,” said Apollon. “The amount of delicious local restaurants on such a small island is significant.


Get ready for your next vacation with Jordana’s exclusive Casa Vogue tips:

1. Stay at Zemi Beach House and Resort , the only luxury hotel in Shoal Bay, voted one of the five most beautiful beach in the world. Opt for the foot suite on the sand, from the bed to the ocean! Detail: Zemi was elected by Vogue America one of the most disputed spots in the world in 2016.

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews


2. Have lunch on the private island Sandy Island, also known as ‘Happy Island’, with boat access only. A rustic island, where everyone is smiling, walk barefoot and serve grilled crayfish on charcoal, accompanied by rum punch.


3. Dine at the Jacala restaurant, Martha Stewart’s favorite. Imagine a French chef proposing a sensory gastronomy on a Caribbean island. The result: dishes such as tuna carpaccio with sesame oil, goat cheese terrine and vegetables from the garden, yogurt soup with cucumber, and dessert a slice of divine rum.

4. Visit the Dune Preserve bar Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon to watch a pocket show of the owner, star Bankie Banx.

5. For lovers of well-being, the island houses a model hydroponic garden, with vegetables and vegetables grown without any chemistry. The vegetable garden is inside the CuisinArt Hotel and it is possible to visit it on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am.

Rendesvous Bay Beach

Rendesvous Bay Beach

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

Zemi Beach House and Resort: Traveler Reviews

Jorge Grimberg is a writer and creator of content for the mode and lifestile industries. In the Another Look column, he shows Casa Vogue a little of what he saw in his travels and wanderings.

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Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

Check out all photos from Swimsuit 2017 on and to see additional images from SI Swimsuit 2017 on location in Anguilla, click here: Swim Daily

Sports Illustrated Model

Sports Illustrated Model

The Valley, Anguilla, February 15, 2017…….The Anguilla Tourist Board is delighted to announce that Anguilla, long regarded as the Caribbean’s best kept secret, is one of the stunning destinations featured in the highly coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017, which launches on February 15. With an unprecedented reach of over 60 million readers worldwide, the silky, pristine beaches, crystal clear, azure waters and vibrant colors of Anguilla, will be revealed in all their glory.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit crew, accompanied by SI Swimsuit model search girls Hunter McGrady, McKenna Berkley, Anne de Paula and Lisa-Marie Jaftha, arrived in Anguilla in early January for a ten day body painting shoot on the gorgeous beaches of Merrywing Bay and Rendezvous Bay.

The host property for the SI Swimsuit team was The Reef By CuisinArt, a beachfront contemporary oasis that debuted to rave reviews in November 2016. A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the Reef by CuisinArt offers a host of complimentary activities for guests wishing to maintain their active lifestyle while on vacation.

“When you’re shooting body paint you need to be, well, secluded,” says MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Assistant Managing Editor. “The Reef by CuisinArt offered just that, flawless beaches and gorgeous sunsets that we had to ourselves. It is important to be able to work out of a resort or hotel because each painting is a masterpiece that takes artist Joanne Gair and team over 15 hours to complete. We don’t want to mess that up by going too far! So, the convenience of The Reef’s beach was fabulous, and the photos are some of the best body paint images we have ever taken.”

“The launch of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 is a highly anticipated event with a massive, global audience,” said Cardigan Connor, Parliamentary Secretary in Anguilla’s Ministry of Tourism. “This publication is an excellent vehicle for generating awareness and creating a buzz among our prospective visitors, particularly in the celebrity driven US market, where the association with high profile influencers and stars becomes significant over the short and longer terms,” he continued.

The Anguilla pictorial is followed by a page detailing the hotel and overall shoot experience. Video of the Anguilla shoot is posted to SI Swimsuit’s website, Swim Daily and will also be highlighted on SI Swim’s impressive social media platforms.

This is the second time that Anguilla has been featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Contestants from the popular TV show The Bachelor filmed on location in Anguilla and were featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011.

This high profile placement marks an auspicious start to an important year for Anguilla. Throughout 2017, the island will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the bloodless Anguilla Revolution, when Anguilla seceded from St. Kitts and embarked on her own journey towards self-determination. Special promotional packages and on-island events will be available all year, as the island’s industry stakeholders come together to make 2017 the best year ever for Anguilla’s tourism.

For more information on Anguilla please visit the official website of the Anguilla Tourist Board:; follow us on Facebook:; Instagram: @Anguilla_Tourism; Twitter: @Anguilla_Trsm, Hashtag: #MyAnguilla .

Tucked away in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is a shy beauty with a warm smile. A slender length of coral and limestone fringed with green, the island is ringed with 33 beaches, considered by savvy travelers and top travel magazines, to be the most beautiful in the world.

Anguilla lies just off the beaten path, so it has retained a charming character and exclusivity. Yet because it can be conveniently reached from two major gateways: St Martin and Puerto Rico, and by private air, it’s a hop and a skip away.

Romance? Barefoot elegance? Unfussy chic? And untrammeled bliss? Anguilla is the answer.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit ( reaches more than 70 million US adults annually and more men 18 to 34 than the Super Bowl. The iconic brand spans 20 product extensions, along with a vibrant experiential marketing business. Since debuting in 1964, Swimsuit has become a pop-culture phenomenon and a revered launching pad for successful careers in TV, fashion, business and film, including those of Elle Macpherson, Kathy Ireland, Cheryl Tiegs, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Ashley Graham. The fashion industry describes SI Swimsuit as the “Oscars of Swimwear,” as an appearance in the issue is a crowning achievement for swimsuit and accessory manufacturers.
Snapchat: ‘siswim’
App: iOS | Android
Official Hashtag: #SISwim
VIBES by SI Swimsuit Festival



Color Me Tech Run

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

color me tech run

What is the Colour Me Tech Run?

The Colour Me Tech Run is an extraordinary 5K run with flare that combines an explosion of color, technology, fitness, music and fun in one.  Enjoy a good run, walk, stroll, or jog with friends and family while searching for your next Pokemon challenge and/or  completing the official Colour Me Tech Run Scavenger Hunt using your favorite mobile device.

How do I participate?

Register and pay at your local school or at the Anguilla Department of Education.

On the day of run collect your Colour Me Tech Run t-shirt.  I’m telling you get the Get Lit package, you don’t want to be left out of the fun.

Who is it for?

This is a fun event for everyone! As much as we love dogs please leave them at home.

Do I have to run?

Of course not, we want you to have a great time, so by all means feel free to walk.

What to expect?

Start the race in your white, at every 1k station enjoy music, get splashed with powder paint and laugh with friends.  Along the race, catch Pokemon, and participate in missions in our Scavenger Hunt. End the race by dancing the evening away while enjoying a tech show displaying the digital works of our students.

Are there any rules?

Come dressed in white.

Run, walk, jog, smile, dance!

Get Coloured!

Have a positive spirit!

Be happy!

Our Story

The Colour Me Tech Run is an initiative of the ICT Division of the Anguilla Department of Education.  The run was created out of a need to raise funds to equip our students, teachers and schools with the necessary technology tools to support our Information Communication Technology Curriculum.

We believe that it is our job to ensure that our children become productive citizens that understand, create, share, learn, and grow not only in their physical environment but also in their digital world.  For the past several years, here at the Anguilla Department of Education we have provided the best way we could to create the technological path for this to occur.

However, despite our victories and efforts in this endeavor we have also faced several challenges.  Our biggest challenge to date is to provide the technological infrastructure needed to create the 21st century environments to support our 21st century learners.  Due to budgetary constraints this has proven to be rather difficult.  Given the financial support we would be able to support our children with the necessary technological infrastructure in our schools.

With that said, we turn to you, our community, for your support in helping our children, your children receive the 21st century education that they deserve.  Support us today and have fun doing so!


Cost for tickets (all prices are in US$)

Adult Individual Tickets Adult Team Tickets

4+ per team

ALHCS Students Primary School Students
$25 p/p

Includes “Color Me Tech Run” Tshirt

$20 p/p

Includes “Color Me Tech Run” Tshirt


Includes “Color Me Tech Run” Tshirt


Includes “Color Me Tech Run” Tshirt

*All runners that complete the race will receive the “Color Me Tech Run”  finisher’s medal

Additional Items On Sale

“Get Lit” Kits for $10

Kit includes:

  • 1 pair of Cool Running Sunglasses
  • 1 wristband
  • 2 Rainbow color tattoos
  • 1 individual pack of powder paint



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Headline Artists Announced


The Valley, Anguilla, February 8, 2016…….The 27th annual Moonsplash Festival, known for being one of the most iconic Reggae festivals in the region, will take place from March 9th-12th, 2017 at the legendary Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay  Beach. The festival was founded and is still run by Anguilla’s own Bankie Banx, a musical legend whose style combines reggae, folk, R&B and jazz.  In 1990 he conceived of a unique reggae music festival held under a full moon – a concept that has proven to be incredibly successful, with hundreds of people from around the world flocking to the island for the musicians, ambiance, and unrivaled stage and venue.

The festival is known for bringing together internationally-acclaimed and up and coming recording artists from across the globe for three days of spectacular entertainment – under the full moon.

The headline artists this year are two Reggae powerhouses: Christopher Martin and Romain Virgo. Christopher Martin is a reggae/dancehall singer and songwriter who has worked with all of the top producers in the industry including Robert Livingston, Arif Cooper, Shan Brown and Demarco. He recently completed an international tour in 2016. Romain Virgo, specializing in the lovers rock style of Reggae, has been in the industry since a young age, rising to prominence in 2006. With 3 albums and over 14 singles, he is probably best known for his cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” that topped charts, particularly in the Caribbean. Performances are also scheduled for local legends Bankie Banx, Omari Banx, Sherriff Bob and True Intentions, with additional artists being confirmed daily.

“Our on-island events and festivals are magnets that attract incremental business to our island,” said the Hon. Cardigan Connor, Parliamentary Secretary. “Moonsplash kicks off our 2017 Festival Calendar of Events which we promote in all our overseas markets as they are critical to growing our business.  They provide compelling reasons for visitors to choose Anguilla for their next vacation destination,” he stated. 

While predominantly featuring Reggae music, the festival has attracted headline artists and fans across music genres, including John Mayer, Nas and QTip – representing the full spectrum from rock to rap.

Moonsplash takes place at Bankie’s Dune Preserve on beautiful Rendezvous Bay, a sweep of soft white sand and breathtaking views. Each night, this magical festival begins anew. While not the largest beach party, it is considered one of the ten craziest parties around, as named by Buzzfeed, so attendees are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.


Tour operators indicate the destinations that will surprise this year

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board


Under-explored natural paradises, luxury itinerary for couples and experience & exploring oriented tourism: some destinations will receive an increasing number of visitors in 2017.

A lot of them has been targeted by travel trade for a while, but a few issues, such as hard access, lack of structure and unaffordable prices, didn’t let them move towards their potential. This year, though, due to investments in hospitality industry, new routes and the increasing interest of travelers that are seeking new exotic and beautiful places to discover, these destinations tend to grow, rising between the most desired places.

One of the main reasons that represents this “migration” to new destinations is the economic crisis and the recent dollar high [Brazilian economy perspective]: shopping tourism is one of the most affected one due to the American currency rate, as domestic trips and experience tourism have noted some improvement; according to CVC (Brazilian operator and agency), Miami fell from 4th to 9th position in 2016, regarding Brazilian visitors.

According to the operator, last year sales closed with 70% of domestic flights and 30% of international trips. Regardless this scenario, international packages sales increased 20%, in comparison with 2015, which proves that Brazilians still want to travel, as they are getting used to look for affordable destinations.

After listening to the main operators of the Brazilian Travel Trade, we listed eight main places that deserve better attention this year. Also, these destinations must be consolidated as the most visited ones all through 2017. The List: Cuba, Jericoacoara (Ceará / Brazil), São Miguel dos Milagres (Alagoas / Brazil), Canada, Cartagena (Colombia), Região do Conde (Paraíba / Brazil), Thailand and Anguilla.


This selected destination is an island in the Caribbean region: Anguilla, a British territory, is one of the main targets of Tereza Perez Tours (luxury tour operator) for 2017, and also a place with beautiful beaches and sunny weather the whole year. 

According to Tomas Perez, the island stands out for the excellent diversity of hotels, which was reinforced with the opening of the Four Seasons at the end of 2016, and is an ideal destination “for families and honeymoon couples, with activities and a great gastronomic scene. “

Author: Leonardo Ramos (Panrotas) | Translation: Interamerican Network

Outlet: Panrotas (Brazil)


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Anacaona Boutique Hotel Reopens

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

Anacaona Boutique Hotel Reopens as a Bed & Breakfast, Offering Same Great Service and Exceptional Value

Meads Bay, Anguilla, January 2017…..The Anacaona Boutique Hotel, one of Anguilla’s most popular and beloved establishments, is now offering an exceptional Bed & Breakfast experience, building on the property’s legendary reputation for personal service and warm Anguillian hospitality.

Starting January 23rd, 2017, Anacaona Boutique Hotel’s guests will enjoy a complimentary Full Breakfast included in their room rate. The transition to a B&B presents their guests with myriad opportunities to discover the island’s many and varied culinary experiences beyond the resort.

Nestled just off Meads Bay, Anacaona is located in the heart of West End, just a stone’s throw from some of Anguilla’s finest restaurants and popular beach bars. The property boasts a friendly and knowledgeable concierge who is happy to recommend and arrange meals, excursions, attractions and other experiences to guests vacationing at the resort.

“At the Anacaona Boutique Hotel, we believe in adding value to our guests’ stay, and the inclusion of our complimentary full breakfast achieves this objective,” said General Manager Delroy Lake. “Anguilla is often perceived as an expensive destination, and we pride ourselves on offering an affordable vacation option, with outstanding service and great amenities, representing excellent value for our guests.”

Anacaona Boutique Hotel is privately owned and caters to singles, couples and multi-generational families. Built in a Mediterranean style and situated in a lush garden setting with pathway to the beach, the property is comprised of twenty (20) standard/superior rooms, four (4) Junior Suites, two (2) Two bedroom Villa suites and one (1) Three Bedroom Villa Suite many with ocean views. 

All the rooms and suites have ceiling fans and air conditioning, private balconies),free Wi-Fi and Internet access, I-Pod docking stations, laptop-size safes, direct-dial telephones, mini-safes, small refrigerators, Melita-Java pod coffee/tea makers, cable TV with 71 channels, radio/alarm clocks, and bathrooms with showers, irons and ironing boards, hairdryers and locally crafted bathroom amenities.

Rates start at $310.00 in Winter and $200.00 in Summer and are commissionable to travel professionals.

For more information and reservations, visit; email or call 1-877-647-4737 or 1-264-584-6827.

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A New Generation of Luxury Hotels for Anguilla

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

With a runway best suited to private jets, Anguilla mixes low-key luxury with some of the Caribbean’s best beaches. On a recent trip to this
island, I was able to see how newcomers Zemi Beach, Four Seasons and The Reef fare alongside the island’s established hotel stars.

Zemi Beach

The pool at Zemi Beach, Anguilla

The pool at Zemi Beach, Anguilla

A slick resort makes the most of a slightly awkward lozenge-shaped patch of land on the eastern
shore of Shoal Bay. Opened in March 2016, there’s an even split between hotel rooms and
residences. Overall, it’s making a firm stab at the family market, pitching a notch below the Four
Seasons when it comes to price. But there are with plenty of frills; two-bedroom suites have fully
equipped kitchens and their own plunge pools plus dreamy outdoor areas. The only thing that might put
off families – the surf can be quite strong by Anguillan standards. For winding down, the Rhum Bar
is devoted to the Caribbean’s staple drink; there are over 100 on offer. The food was notably good too;
Asian-influenced Stone provides fine dining in the evenings; 20 Knots by the pool is more relaxed and the fish tacos
were the meal highlight. The other standout? The spa. Created around a wooden house brought from Thailand, it stocks cult British
brands ila and Elemental Herbology and delivered the sort of serious-but-soothing massage you’d want but don’t always get in the Caribbean.

Four Seasons

A room at the Four Seasons, Anguilla

A room at the Four Seasons, Anguilla

Technically, this is more of a reinvention but in taking this project, Four Seasons are putting down a strong marker in a region they’ve
historically been hesitant of (the only other FS in the Caribbean is in St Nevis). Externally, it’s a good fit for the chain, a sculptural space,
serenely placed on Barnes Bay – and on an island that’s just 35 square miles, it feels extraordinarily spacious, with long walkways and 180 rooms
and suites.  Externally, little has changed from the building’s Viceroy days, but the interior decor has had a thorough overhaul. It’s now
softer and more thoughtful; its creams and browns aren’t a distraction from the myriad blues and greens of the Anguillan reefs outside, nor one of
Anguilla’s most spectacular infinity pools, on its own peninsula, with two choice beaches. The spa continues the spare-but-contemplative mood but
this is an active resort; tennis courts, a climbing wall and a full range of watersports. The food is generally good, but didn’t feel
particularly distinctive, especially when compared to Zemi or The Reef although I had rave reviews about the sushi from guests I met later in my trip.

The Reef

Beachview Villa at the Reef by CuisinArt

Beachview Villa at the Reef by CuisinArt

Owned by CuisinArt mogul Leandro Rizzuto, the Reef on Merrywing Bay has a stellar position looking towards the neighboring island of St Martin.
Like the original CuisinArt resort further down the beach, the restaurants of The Reef benefit enormously from Rizzuto’s belief in good
ingredients; head chef Jasper Schneider has access to the resort’s hydroponic garden; the only one on the island. His kitchen at Breezes also has
cheffy wishlist items such as a 900-degree pizza oven. There’s also the Yacht Club for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a catwalk-worthy main
swimming pool and a quietly green policy that allows it to supply 12 hours of solar power itself each day (the aim is to be fully self-
sufficient). To be honest, the only caveat is the strange design of the main building. Although they’re spacious and gadget-filled, none of its 50
rooms have balconies or windows that open. Much better to opt for Superior Beachfront rooms and above, where there’s an accent on indoor/outdoor
living in low rise villas by the beach. The Reef backs onto Anguilla’s only golf course and some seriously good restaurants that are also part of
the CuisinArt portfolio.


Think of this as the one that got away; It opened too late for me to do anything but gaze from the outside but decor-wise, it’s essentially been
pared down to just two colours, white and a searing blue to blend in with the swimming pool. meaning there’s little to distract you from the milky
white sand – some of the Caribbean’s best – and the sea. A beachfront restaurant will the gamut from sushi to burgers but relaxation is the main
ingredient here.

Original Article:

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Zika Talking Points

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board
  • Since the first reported cases in the Caribbean more than a year ago, there have to date been only seven (7) confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Anguilla.
  • This low number is due in large measure to the great precautions undertaken by both the private and the public sectors in implementing mosquito control measures according to the  guidelines laid out by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • The Anguillian government continues to be proactive in eliminating mosquito breeding sites, with another round of fogging scheduled to take place in advance of the winter season.
  • Hoteliers and villa owners are also going to great lengths to remove standing water, conduct thorough and frequent inspections, and provide guests with mosquito repellant and information to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay in Anguilla. 
  • Anguilla’s tourism industry is also working with their counterparts in the region and in the USA,  e.g.  in Florida which has also been adversely affected by the Zika virus, in seeking and sharing information, and implementing  best practices for vector control.
  • In November 2016 The World Health Organization concluded that Zika no longer presents a public health emergency of international concern.  Nevertheless controlling the spread of the virus remains a national priority for Anguilla’s Ministry of Health.
  • We encourage all our visitors to always take a preventative stance and in this case, prevention includes:
  • Using an insect repellant for insect bites year round.  The hotel has implemented preventative measures and will include mosquito repellant in rooms.
  • Wearing cool, long-sleeved shirts and pants where possible.
  • The Anguillian government and all tourism stakeholders continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis, and will keep guests apprised of any changes in our status.
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Anguilla Tourism Week 2016

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

Week-long workshops and programs on tourism.

See below for this year’s itinerary.


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Livin In The Sun: Music Festival

Posted on by Anguila Tourist Board

LITS: Music Festival



Simone Connor, Restaurant & Events Manager

Sandy Island Enterprises



O: 264-497-6534   C: 264-476-6534

lits poster

The Festival

“Livin In The Sun” is a peerless and revolutionary music festival which brings the world’s best deejays together on the world’s best beaches in Anguilla, British Caribbean.  Global music, top notch food and beverage service, live art and water sports dovetail to create the ultimate music festival experience in a most ideal setting. It is a sensory journey; an audio, visual and culinary feast.

The Destination

Anguilla is a warm and welcoming island destination tucked away in the northern Caribbean.  It is the vacation destination of choice for high profile and high net worth individuals who seek off the beaten path experiences. The island boasts 33 unrivaled white beaches, top class accommodations and is considered by many to be the culinary capital of the world. It will now play host to the sexiest music festival in the world.

The Music

Only the world’s best deejays are invited; those who demonstrate an uncanny ability to fuse world beats into music that seem to drift on the waves of the ocean and the mind. It’s all about the sounds: the music, the birds, the wind, the waves, the life… Livin In The Sun.

Confirmed Artists

  • Walshy Fire (Major Lazer, MIAMI)
  • Super Nova (Defected, ITALY)
  • Nathan Barato (Music On, Defected, TORONTO)
  • Nadeeah Eshe & Montana (Spirits in Motion, NYC)
  • Kristel Morin (Tribe Records, UK/AUSTRALIA)
  • DJ Krave (TYBU Prod, NYC)
    Brother’s Grim (SOUTH AFRICA)
  • Jimmy Sax (FRANCE)
  • Patrice Nero (ST. BARTH)
  • OutKast (ST MAARTEN)
  • Sugar (ANGUILLA)
  • Yooshe (ANGUILLA)
  • Sparta (ANGUILLA)


Festival Dates

Friday November 11, 2016 to Sunday November 13, 2016

Event Schedule & Ticket Cost

  1. Friday Evening: “Helios” 5:30-9:30pm (event location and ticket costs TBD)
  2. Friday Night:  “Light up the Night” @ Anguilla Great House 10pm – 4am ($50 tkts)
  3. Saturday: “World Wide Love”@ Sandy Island, 10am – 4pm ($200 all inclusive)
  4. Saturday Night: “MoonShine” @ The Dune 10pm – 4am ($50 tkts)
  5. Sunday:  “Marooned” @ Sandy Island, 10am – 4pm ($200 all inclusive)
  6. Sunday Night:  “Sun Rise” @ Nats Place/Junks Hole, 12am – 6am ($50 tkts)



Sandy Island

A tiny spit of sand in the middle of the ocean accessible only by boat or helicopter, ranked #1 Secret Caribbean Beach Bar, Caribbean Journal,   #1 beach bar in the Caribbean, Yahoo Travel, “the most romantic date spot ever” by viewers of The Bachelor.

The Anguilla Great House

An  “oh-so-casually chic West Indian hotel situated smack in the middle of Anguilla’s best beach, Rendezvous Bay” with an amazing palm tree grove fringed by a beautiful white sand beach.

The Dune Preserve

Voted the #1 Beach Bar in the World by CNN and described as a “meandering tree house fit for a pirate”.

Nat’s Place/Junks Hole

A rustic retreat on beautiful Savannah Bay aka Junks Hole which is the most easterly beach on Anguilla boasting pink speckled sand and the most amazing sunrise up and out of the ocean.


Livin in the Sun packages are currently being offered by the following participating hotels:

Zemi Beach House: $295 per night plus taxes

CeBlue: $350 per night plus taxes

Paradise Cove: $170 – $290 per night plus taxes

Anguilla Great House: $150 per night plus taxes

The Pavilion Inn: $100 per night plus taxes

Visit for more info.

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