Make Anguilla the beginning of your love story.

Soft white sands and starry nights, elegant, uncrowded and effortlessly beautiful – Anguilla is a natural for romance.  Long sunset strolls down our beaches, secluded blue waters for swimming, swaying songs for dancing late into the evening, luxurious bedrooms that open to the gentle breezes of the tradewinds, superb candlelit beachside restaurants…Anguilla is a romantic’s dream for your honeymoon or just some time away together.

“One of the best honeymoon destinations in the world” Modern Bride.

Destination Weddings

Many of Anguilla’s pristine beaches have provided the setting for romantic destination weddings.  From the thatched-covered conch lined aisles of Scilly Cay, to the graceful stretches of Rendezvous Bay’s sands, barefoot brides have celebrated their nuptials on Anguilla’s beaches for years – but the beaches are far from the island’s only romantic options for tying the knot.

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Luxurious seaside villas, historic venues, majestic hotels, private yachts and tropical gardens offer a myriad of settings for your special day.  And if you are looking for a more traditional ceremony, Anguilla’s churches add beauty and reverence to your service.

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Getting Married

Couples marry under the authority of a special license that takes approximately two working days to process. Both parties must present proof of citizenship of their resident country. These documents are the same documents that you will need to fulfill your entry requirements when visiting Anguilla; your passport or an original birth certificate accompanied by photo identification such as a driver’s license. Two witnesses are required. If applicable, a divorce or death certificate must be present.

Marriage License Cost

If one partner resides in Anguilla for at least fifteen days prior to the date of marriage, the cost of the license is US $40. If the stay is shorter, then the cost of the license is $284 (representing stamp duty). If you plan to marry in Anguilla, contact the Minister and then the Magistrate:

Tel:    Minister:  1 (264) 497-2377/Magistrate:  1 (264) 497-3477

On-Island Wedding Planners

Our island’s hotels offer comprehensive assistance to couples planning this special event. We recommend contacting your hotel or one of our wedding planners to learn more about their individual offerings:

Anguilla Services
Offering planning services for any event.
North Side Anguilla
Tel: (264) 584-5956 or (264)729-4364

Black Orchid Florists & Events
Tel: (264)-235-7073

Blue Sea Anguilla
Full Service Destination Management Company
The Cove, West End
Tel. (264) 235-2583

Bridal Affairs & Beyond Enterprises
The Valley
Tel: 1 (264) 497-3349/235-6535
US Line: (201) 696-9360

Couture Concepts, Anguilla
The Valley
Tel. 1 264 476 8068

Innovative Caribbean Weddings & Events
Tel: 1 (264) 476-4856,  (201) 244-7298

KSharp Photography & Designz – Photographer Kevin Archibald
Specializing in Wedding & Portrait Photography
Tel: (264)-583-6100

Luxe Destination Management
Tel: (264) 729.3907,

Signature 7602 Studios – Photography by Derrys Richardson
Tel:  (264) 476-7602
Skype: mrsignature7602




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Loves abound on Anguilla. Warm sand, sun and salt kissed skin, champagne and star filled evenings. Love is in the smiles that are quick yet shy, in our people welcoming you to the island, in our freedom and passion.