Unique Activities

Unique Activities

The Pelican Trail at Little Bay is a unique day spot for your vacation itinerary.  Part Eco-park and part water sport facility, defining this activity in a categorical sense is difficult but “a beautiful day” should suffice.

Pelican Trail sits atop the bluffs of Katouche Bay, 200 feet above sea level.  The “Trail” consists of 480 wooden steps and 7 eco-friendly gazebos that cascade down to the water’s edge where a diving platform, glass bottom kayaks and snorkeling await.  A breathtaking swimming spot, with a 25-foot trampoline island parked just offshore,  Pelican Trail is a short  swim (150 yards) to iconic Little Bay beach.

The trail itself is perfect for a self-paced workout, bird watching, goat watching and photography.  Gazebos are available for private rental, there is full bar service.  With advance notice, there is catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Open daily from 5am to 10pm.  For more information contact The Pelican Trail 305-677-0421/264-235-7008/264-497-3558 or pelicantrail@hotmail.com

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Pelican Trail at Night

The Pelican Trail is open by day and by night. The perfect, relaxing dinner spot, the proprietors even turn off the lights so that visitors can experience the peaceful feeling of Anguilla's coastline at night.