Social Media

The Anguilla Tourist Board values our relationships with both our visitors and potential visitors.  As we all know, media is changing and technology has allowed us to keep in touch with our friends, but it is imperative that these communications are done so with the utmost respect to the friendship.

We urge our friends and fans to join our network and NewsLink and we endeavor to practice only the best practices when it comes to communicating with you, because we realize that your time is valuable.

Our communications with you will be based on relevance only and it will be meant to alert our VIP public first to private sales, events, significant island happenings, very newsworthy updates or information that will have value to you directly.  We will not sell or resell your information and we will make certain that our virtual relationship remains as dignified and valuable as our personal relationship with you.

We urge that you join our NewsLink community, Facebook forum and visit our website’s What Is Happening pages.  Our promise to our friends and visitors is to ensure that all things Anguilla remain part of the island’s overall tranquility….wrapped in blue!

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Communication is changing, the world is growing more social everyday. ATB wants to let our friends know about exiting happenings first. Please join our social community.