Pet Importation

Anguilla is pet friendly, so there is no reason to leave Fido at home.

Visitors interested in bringing their pet along for the vacation need to contact the Agricultural Department at (264) 497-2615 or email for a pet importation form.

The information that the Anguilla Agricultural Department will require is:

  • Name of person traveling with animal
  • State/Country from where traveling
  • Breed of dog
  • Health Certificate
  • Dog must be vaccinated against rabies more than one month but less than one year prior to travel
  • Permit expires one month after date of completion
  • US $15 for processing fee and to have permit faxed to traveler

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There are no dogs on Dog Island. However, it is one of the most biodiverse cays in the Caribbean -- the 3rd most important breeding ground in the region for sea birds. There are also lizards and goats -- but no dogs.