The people of Anguilla are a great part of what makes our island such a magnificent place.  Gentle and gracious, we take pride in our home and pleasure in sharing it with visitors from around the world. Guests and Anguillians say friendly “hellos” as we encounter each other across the island, and it’s not long before we know each other by name.

On our island we share a reverence for family, love, community and God.  Peace, individualism and a soulful understanding of the joys of life create a home that is warm and welcoming, filled with joy and light.

The island’s rich history and personality is embodied in its culture and heritage. From the ancient Amerindian settlements, through European colonization, to the 1967 revolution, these and other events are woven into the tapestry of Anguillan life today.

A British Overseas Territory, English holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday, Whit Monday and others are celebrated, but English-speaking Anguilla maintains a unique balance of historic influence that helps to create a truly individual island nation.

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Aunt Bea is a well-known presence on Anguilla's beautiful Shoal Bay. You can often find her under the shade of the sea grapes across from Uncle Ernie's. Bea sits and sews the colorful handmade dolls that she sells on the beach. She is often the first welcome smile and "hello" visitors encounter when coming to this popular spot.