Nightlife Tours

Sleepy Sandy Ground wakes up at night.  Sometimes playfully referred to as “The Entertainment Capital of Anguilla,” the beach bars of this village open with barbecue wafting, laughter floating, and music boom-boom-booming from one sandy stop to the next.

Reggae at The Pumphouse, Soca and Jazz at Johnno’s — get down, jump up, the village is abuzz with fun, laughter, dance and drink.  Infused with personality, Elvis’ beach bar and Jacquie’s Ripples are great bites as well as great bars.  Ripple’s is an English/Anguillian beach pub, where Elvis’ is more of beach-turned-sports bar.   For a bit of swank with your sand, try SandBar for tapas and martinis, and to get going, Sammy’s just might have the “punch” to get even the tamest wallflower jamming.

One of the most fantastic aspects of visiting Anguilla is the ability of the island’s spirit to welcome visitors into our lives, home and fun.  And that is evident here in Sandy Ground.

Anguilla Access offers visitors a “guided” night out. The tour operator picks up visitors at the West End of Mead’s Bay, right outside participating hotels and villas every hour starting at 9pm, with returns every hour until one hour past closing time.

The operation is not merely a bus service, but a guided excursion with one in-bus guide and one guide stationed on foot in Sandy Ground at all times.  A unique operation, Anguilla Access gives visitors new to Anguilla’s genuine hospitality a comfort level for introduction to and exploration of Anguilla’s nightlife, and returning visitors a safe ride to and from home.

Visit Anguilla Access for more information.

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Jacquie's Ripples

A long-time staple of Sandy Ground, Ripple's if often the starting point for the evening. Windows face the road so patron's can view who is coming in to dance and proprietor Jacquie is often there to entertain with stories and tips on how best to enjoy the island.