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Updates and news about summer festival can be found here and on the Anguilla Summer Festival website.

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CaRiMi to perform August Monday

August 1st from noon until…the Caribbean’s largest beach party will feature CaRiMi, the Haitian sensation that fled their troubled homeland to New York and reunited in 2001 to create a new sound with profound and socially charged lyrics backed by digital rhythms unique to this group.  Their first hit, released in 2001, “Ayiti Bang, Bang,” instantly became a household name.

Playing one of the most unique and the largest beach parties in the Caribbean, Anguilla welcomes the trio to Sandy Ground.For more information on CaRiMi visit

David Michael Rudder to Perform

Famed Calypso Artist, David Michael Rudder, will be performing at the 15th Annual Leeward Islands Calypso Competition.

Rudder’s unprecedented rise to fame in 1986 has made him the subject of music critics around the world. From New York to London to Tokyo, where the Japanese have released a CD of Rudder’s greatest hits complete with lyrics translated into Japanese, Rudder has been described as modern calypso’s most innovative songwriter.

“Almost overnight he became a national hero on the order of Marley in Jamaica, Fela in Nigeria and Springsteen in New Jersey,” wrote Daisann McClane, American journalist and World Beat correspondent for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Anguilla is pleased to have David Michael Rudder join our Anguilla Summer Festival 2011.  For more information, visit