HGTV House Hunters Comes To Anguilla Looking For Their Dream House

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Anguilla will be featured in an episode of the popular HGTV series, House Hunters International on February 17, 2012.  The episode, which features a young couple looking for their dream house on Anguilla, will air on HGTV (locally, Channel 49) at 10:30 pm and 1:30 am EST.

Years ago, Nick and Karen Walsh spent an anniversary on tranquil Anguilla, only to find themselves falling in love all over again — with each other and the island. Now, Nick has the opportunity of a lifetime to work and live on the island his family loves. But moving to the Caribbean means missing friends and family and giving up Karen’s stressful career in fashion. Real estate options are limited on this tiny island and there’s heavy competition for anything available. Nick’s attracted to the luxuries of island life, but with toddler Molly in tow, Karen needs a home that’s family friendly. Will real estate agent Ian Sugar George Edwards be able to balance Nick’s high-end desires with Karen’s concerns for Molly? Or will this house hunt throw cold water on their relationship? Find out when House Hunters International reignites its passion? in Anguilla.