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Anguilla’s culture, history and heritage are both ancient and new as this island remained very much off the beaten path until the late 1980s.  Now a swank and sophisticated destination, it is hard to believe that only a generation or two ago, Anguilla was a culture without conveniences.

The Anguilla Culture Tour by Anguilla Access gives visitors and overview of Anguillian life and the culture of our yesteryear.  Evidence of our history today still abounds and is ingrained in the people today.

The Culture Tour begins at the West End of Mead’s Bay, once at 9am and again at 1pm. It starts with a hands-on look at island broom making and the natural resource of the thatch tree, used for this purpose.

Continuing by bus to Rendezvous Bay and on to The Dune Preserve, visitors get the chance to visit not only one of the Caribbean’s best beach bars, but a unique edifice constructed of sailboat parts.  Sailing plays an important part in the history of Anguilla, serving as inter-island transportation, cargo and fishing vessels.  Here, at The Dune, the boats are segmented into pieces and it is easy to see the hull, construction and various components.

Next stop, a local boatmaker.  Here visitors learn how Anguilla’s unique sailing vessels are constructed, including the construction process, finished state and in model form.  Later in the tour, Anguilla’s leading expert on the island’s boat racing history provides tourgoers with a brief history.

The tour continues to South Hill where participants learn how the thatch tree is used in making fishing pots before continuing down to Sandy Ground for a tour of the Salt Pond and The Pumphouse.  An historic landmark, the Pumphouse is nearly all that remains of Anguilla’s salt industry.

From Sandy Ground to the Old Valley, the Cultural Tour covers everything from the Anguilla Revolution and Katouche Bay, to the Rastafarian Community Farm and its Bible.  Stops are made at Crocus Hill, Koal Keel and on the way back at Ken’s Barbecue for a bite to eat if tour goers are inclined.

Rounding off the tour, all questions are answered, whether by the guide or with the help of the island’s experts.  A lightning-round Q&A game awards one lucky passenger with a prize such as dinner for two on the island.

Tours are $45 per adult, $35 children under 12.  Other discounts are available.

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Culture & Heritage

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