Day Trippers

If you are staying on a nearby island, Anguilla is a fantastic day trip. It is just a quick ride over from St. Maarten/Martin, St. Kitts, Nevis, Saba and St. Barths.  Come in the morning and you will have the whole day to explore.

Fill up your day with a cruise around the island to our outer cays and secluded coves.  Join us for a boat race, music festival, have lunch at one of our exquisite restaurants, visit a few of our magnificent resorts, or play on our championship golf course, come see the world’s best beaches. Take advantage of an island tour, given by most of our taxis, and see what Anguilla has to offer.

Whether you are visiting off  one of St. Maarten’s cruise ships or you have decided to take an excursion from your current island destination, day tripping is an excellent way to see how Anguilla is different from its neighbors…and a perfect opportunity to check out the island for your future holiday plans!

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The Anguilla Tourist Board is happy to assist you with your day trip to Anguilla. Call our offices at 1 (264) 497-2759 or 1 (800) 553-4939 for information on your best bet for the day's activities.