One of the best and most intimate ways to tour Anguilla is on bicycle. Traveling by bicycle allows visitors access to remote and beautiful spots, so you can freely stop and take in the scenery and view areas that are not limited to the streets and roads of public transportation.

Bike rentals start at US $10 per day, with weekly rentals available.  There are two main bicycle rentals on the island and some hotels and villas also offer bike rentals.

Exotic Plus: 1 (264) 497-8803
Premier Mountain Bike Rentals: 1 (264) 235-8931
Bryan’s Rentals (Road Bikes): 1 (264) 476-6407


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Bike rentals are available at many of the hotels and through Anguilla bike operators. A healthy way to explore Anguilla, rentals are from US $10 per day.