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Beach Bars

With over 33 of the world’s best beaches, it would be inconceivable to think that Anguilla had not cultivated at least a few dozen glorious beach bars to go along with a perfect day at the beach.

Uncle Ernie’s, Shoal Bay and Johnno’s in Sandy Ground were, for some time, Anguilla’s most famous “beach bars” in the true sense of the word.  Uncle Ernie’s marks the public entrance to Shoal Bay Beach and has stood there for as long as the island has welcomed tourism. Johnno’s has been a staple of the Anguillian dance scene for as long as anyone in Anguilla who can still dance can remember.

On the East End, the tiny island in Island Harbour, Scilly Cay, continues to host A-listers and celebrities between its conch shelled walls and thatched canopies — redefining the parameters of a beach bar.  And Palm Grove, at the end of Savannah Bay at Junk’s Hole is still a secret hideaway.

Elvis’ Beach Bar, Sandy Ground is the place to be.  Elvis is the King and he twitters, tweets and YouTubes from his sailboat-cum-bar — giving the world a virtual taste of Anguilla while giving Elvis’ Beach Bar a star on the Anguilla map.

But the beach bar scene all began with a man named “Smitty” in Island Harbour — and before there was electricity, Anguillians would drive, hike and bike to the East End for a game of pool, rum punch and good times.

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On Rendezvous Bay, The Dune Preserve is home to Anguilla's international Reggae artist Bankie Banx. Serving light local dishes and "Moonshine," The Dune's signature cocktail, visitors sway to the sounds of Bankie and his band.