ASA Anguilla Youth Sailing Club

The Anguilla Sailing Association/Anguilla Youth Sailing Club operates almost year-round, offering an effective learning environment for youth and adults interested in sailing.

Boatracing, Anguilla’s national sport, is unique to the island. Fans and sailors are passionate about their sailing boats, and the sport has rules that are all their own. Boatracing requires teamwork, concentration, respect and skill, all life skills that are also a part of the learning environment promoted by the ASA Anguilla Youth Sailing Club.

The ASA Anguilla Youth Sailing Club, located in Sandy Ground, has a fleet of eight Optimist dinghies. The dinghies are the perfect vessel for learning as the offer novices the ability to sail independently. The boats won’t flip and they stop as soon as the sail is let out.

Sailing instruction is offered to youths between the ages of 7 and 15, on weekdays and some weekends. The ASA relies on community support for its operation and provides a unique and valuable skill to both children from Anguilla and visitors.

This July the ASA is offering a summer sailing camp. Week 1 and 2 of July offers beginning and intermediate instruction, Week 3 and 4, intermediate and advance. Contact the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club at 1-264-584-SAIL for more information or visit the ASA online.

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Teaching confidence, independence and teamwork through sailing. The ASA Anguilla Youth Sailing Club offers exciting programs to children, visitors and locals alike.