5 Day

With five days in paradise…here is what to do to make the most of your trip.

Day 1

Take a half-day excursion to Sandy Island or Scilly Cay.  Both of these cays are close to home, and each one has its own distinct ambiance and character.  Sandy Island has a castaway feeling and is home to bright white sands and snorkeling, while Scilly Cay’s conch shell walls and thatched canopies offer a relaxed and ultra-cool party atmosphere.  Scilly Cay is known for its A-list patrons, amazing lobster and crayfish barbecue and “full hot” rum punch. Sandy Island has a great beach and snorkeling.  Both options are just off shore and easily accessible.

After your fun in the sun, relax at your private villa or on your hotel veranda and check out your local copy of Anguilla Life. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, it may help you decide where to dine that evening.

Day 2

Wondering where to stay on your next visit? Rent a car and tour our signature luxury properties, our Charming Escapes® hotels and our private villas.  Plan your anniversary stay or plan on bringing the kids the next time — there are so many great ways to accommodate your individual travel plans on Anguilla.

If you are feeling hungry, grab lunch at any of Anguilla’s roadside grills, barbecues or local stops and dine Anguilla style.

Now that you are in the Anguilla mood, take the afternoon to learn about Anguilla’s boat racing culture.  For a hands-on experience, the Anguilla Sailing Association offers lessons to kids and adults alike (reservations are necessary).

After a hard day of play, revamp and revive yourself with a relaxing spa treatment before  heading out to a seaside candlelit dinner for two!

Day 3

Take the Sandy Ground Tour and learn about the salt ponds and a piece of Anguilla’s history.  The tour takes you around the pond and to The Old Salt Factory and Pumphouse, and it includes some bird watching as well.

Enjoy a lunch fresh from the sea at Johnno’s Beach Stop.  There is often live music and friends to meet at this long-time favorite stop.

On your way back to your holiday home, pop into a few art galleries.  Both Cheddie’s Carving Studio and Devonish Gallery are directly across from each other in the West End. Pick up an original piece of artwork, sculpture, painting, photography or jewelry — a perfect memento of your time on Anguilla.

Enjoy an evening overlooking Mead’s Bay. This large span of beach is home to a number of Anguilla’s most celebrated restaurants, and it offers an excellent sunset view.

Day 4

Horseback ride along Savannah Bay all morning and then stop at Palm Grove for lunch with Nat and Efie.

After lunch visit Shoal Bay and spend the afternoon on “The World’s Best Beach,” (Travel Channel).  Enjoy the shabby chic beach bars painted in brilliant colors, music and a casual but A-list kind of scene, all set on white coral sands to die for.  Shoal Bay also offers water sports gear, sailing, parasailing, beach umbrellas and awesome sunsets.

Wash the day off and head out to dinner.  With over 100 restaurants and only 5 nights to experience them, choosing where to dine is bound to be the hardest decision you will have to make while on vacation.

Afterward go local!  Head to Sandy Ground for some “jump up.”  And if you get hungry from all that dancing, there is always barbecue on the weekends.

Day 5

Early morning, explore the Old Valley.  See our historic buildings and pop into Koal Keel for some French pastries before heading over to Upper Shoal Bay for some scuba diving.

Discover Anguilla’s underwater heritage sight, El Buen Consejo.  This unique dive site showcases anchors, canons and devotional medals once bound for the New World and now part of Anguilla’s living reef.  Finish the day with a beachside massage.

Heading back West, stop at Crocus Bay for a sunset cocktail before dinner.  Visit Why Knot and pick up a piece of original couture beach wear, which easily transitions from beachside to casually elegant evening wear.

Take the night to relish Anguilla’s brand of exquisite dining and celebrate your Anguilla vacation in style.

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Over the years, Anguilla's architecture has taken on a dramatic style, beautiful white concrete domes and clean geometric sculptures against the bright blue horizons. But evidence of a quaint and simpler time exist and can be found all over Anguilla. This sweet pink cottage stands at the very end of the island, just before the turn to Shoal Bay West.